Virtual Shows: Costs and Formats

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The costs of Virtual Assembly Shows and how they are presented

With the school year slowly getting off the ground, PTA groups and Principals are still wanting to host assembly shows, and they can now be presented virtually to at home learners. But big questions remain. How are these programs presented and how much do they cost? Let’s get to it. 

Many schools have different budgets and assembly coordinators have no idea what to expect from a virtual show, so when shopping for a virtual assembly show look for these options. Here is how we do it at Scheer Genius Assembly Shows:

Pricing is simple, with 3 Virtual Show options to fit your budget.

1. Live Virtual Show |  $495

Options are live streamed to students on the platform of your choice. These shows are performed in real time with live question and answer interaction with your students.

2Custom pre-produced |  $395

Virtual options that are available through a private link and accessible for 7 days.

3. Full access | $295

You get a private link with full access to a prerecorded show for an entire month. Kids can watch it anytime. You choose the 30 consecutive dates that work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bet you have lots of questions about virtual assembly shows for elementary schools, but here are some answers to the most common ones:

What is the difference between the options?

Schools have different technical abilities, so three options for virtual assembly shows are offered to best suit your needs:

  • Live Virtual Shows are streamed in real-time, so the students watch the show live as it is broadcast from our Michigan studio. Once the show is complete, no replay is available. This is a one-time event. 
  • Custom Pre-produced Virtual Shows are recorded in advance and then streamed at a designated date and time of the school’s choosing. Students can all watch together and upon completion of the broadcast, the show is available immediately for repeat viewing for 7 days. Custom means you can pre-record messages from your principal, a teacher or PTA and they will be edited into the show prior to broadcast. Your organization’s name is also watermarked throughout the presentation.
  • Full Access Virtual shows — You get private link access to a previously recorded show. While this option is not customized to your group in any way, you get access to the recording for 30 days – an entire month.

How many kids can you accommodate?

Interaction in the live shows is limited only by your zoom account. Most school accounts accommodate 500 viewers. Check with your district’s technician to get advice. 

Is there live interaction with the students?

On zoom or Google Meet I will call on kids throughout the show, asking for group responses, and I will encourage individual questions, comments, participation as well.

If you choose to use YouTube, there cannot be interaction (due to Youtube regulations) but your students have access for a week for Custom Pre-produced shows or for a month for Full Access Virtual shows. 

Who does the hosting of the show?

Your school will host and moderate the show so that I can focus on presenting the material in an engaging and exciting way. Once we choose a date and time, your school will set up the virtual assembly show and send me the link.  

If you chose a custom pre-produced virtual event, then hosting is not needed. Kids watch the program at a set time or day. Once we choose a date and time, the event will be scheduled on Youtube as a premier event and you’ll get a link with the details. You’ll forward that information to all of your teachers, parents and students.

What if we need more than one live presentation of a show?

If you need a second presentation, scheduled back to back (9am/10am or 1pm/2pm, for example), the cost is an additional $200 for the second round. Each show will last 40 minutes to allow time to reset and start again. If you need to have the show presented on a different day, the additional cost is $275.

Hope this clarifies a bit. Please reach out if you have more questions and let me know when you want to lock in a date. Once you decide to get this on the books, I’ll send you an invoice for the show and also the info you need to have a successful event.  For a better idea of what our virtual options look like check out this 12 minute sampler video with longer segments from our shows.

If you have not visited my blog page with my virtual offerings, here’s the link:

There are four shows: Two Science, One Environment, and One Character Education.

Call me, Doug Scheer, at (248) 891-1900 or email anytime.

Thanks. I look forward to bringing one of our virtual assembly shows to your elementary school learners this year!