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When you’re in charge of scheduling a science assembly show for your elementary school, is this what you want:

“We had 2 shows of approximately 300 children each.  Doug has every, and I mean every child engaged and concentrating on him. His high energy and entertaining antics keep the children laughing and in anticipation.  I don't think they even knew they were learning about science."

Comments from teachers were:

  • I have worked here for 14 years and that was the best assembly ever!
  • Two thumbs up!
  • Awesome!
  • Can we have him next year?

These programs were worth the money. A positive first-rate experience for our PTA. Doug made us look so good in front of the teachers. We want more, more, more!
- Brenda Mariano, PTA, Johnson Elementary School, Endicott, NY

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You don’t need this, or do you?

199374_origLet’s face it, your teachers can do loads and loads of science experiments in class and you don’t need to pay an assembly presenter to do that for you. With the resources now available, the secrets to getting kids excited about STEM or how cool science is are only a click away. So why have a professional science assembly? Glad you asked.

"The Wacky Science Show" is more than just whiz, bang, poof and pop!  In 1987 Dow Chemical was looking for a science assembly show that wasn’t the average, run of the mill demonstration of fun science experiments. They wanted something that tied directly into the elementary school classroom curriculum. They searched the nation and that show didn’t exist. So they called me, Doug Scheer.

After sitting down with a team of scientists, teachers and public relations managers I was assigned the task of writing and performing a science show that was not only worthy of the Dow Chemical name, but also met the many requirements of a school’s elementary science curriculum. At that time, I had already spent a couple of years working in elementary schools as an assembly performer and magician, so I knew what would get kids excited. That deal was for 300 performances in the counties surrounding Midland, Michigan. The Wacky Science Show was born.

"This is the only elementary assembly program to ever receive our Dow Chemical "touch-tech" award for excellence in hands-on science education."
- Matthews Davis, Dow Chemical corp. Houston, TX


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In a nutshell:

students-watching-wacky-science-assembly-showUp to fifteen elementary students participate on stage in wacky and off-the-wall, hands-on lessons while discovering that simple household items can be used to perform quirky & crazy science experiments. Loads of surprises, comedy & goofy sound effects combine in this perfect complement to learning The Scientific Method.

Topics are based on the ages of attending grades, K-8th:

States of Matter Optical Illusions
Simple Machines Centripetal and Centrifugal Force
The Four Sciences Bernoulli’s Principle (Life, Physical, Mathematical, Social)
Energy (Potential, Kinetic) The Scientific Method
Air Pressure How Science Feeds Technology
Super Absorbent Polymers Magical Mobuis Strips
Different Kinds of Scientists Acid/Base Indicators
Simple Chemical Reactions


"Crying... we were crying from laughing so hard. Thanks for making this as entertaining for the teachers as it was educational for the kids."
- Joe Chasney, Learning Specialist, Warren Consolidated Schools, Warren MI

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It’s now an international franchise!

doug-scheers-wacky-science-school-assembly-showWacky Science has grown tremendously over its 30 year history. As the curriculum has changed, so has the show. The elements of the STEM initiatives are now a part of the show too. It’s become a nationally ranked, no holds barred, laugh riot that makes science easy to understand. Today, twelve performers from the United States, Canada, Israel and Spain continue to work tirelessly to build this show and perfect every lesson in thousands and thousands of performances. But it’s never about the performer. This show is all about the students, from Kindergarten all the way through eighth grade.

Click the quote button and I’ll send you pricing information for appearances in Michigan elementary schools and tour information for surrounding states. "The Wacky Science Show" is guaranteed to "bring the funny" and be one of the best elementary curriculum based science school shows your students will ever see!

When you’re ready to schedule a science assembly show that stands out from all the rest, can be worked into your STEM curriculum and gets teachers and students excited, give me a call at (248) 891-1900 or click on the button below.

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