The Dumpster Doug Ecology Show Has Gone Virtual

The Dumpster Doug assembly show has always been our most popular assembly show in April with elementary schools across the USA celebrating Earth Day.

And now this exciting program has also gone virtual. That means schools can sign up for a customized presentation that is streamed live to students who cannot come to school.

Here’s a sneak peek promotional video:

It’s a 60 minute show, filled with stunts, magic tricks, and lessons that students can enjoy on their computers at home. There are even specially created segments that online viewers can participate in directly by following simple, step by step instructions.

Included with the program is a 15 minute live Q&A with Doug Scheer at the end. Students are encouraged to think of questions throughout the presentation and ask them during the last 15 minutes. Each show is customized just for your school and a private youtube link is provided so it can be shared with every family.

Of course we will continue to bring our live show to your school when conditions permit.

But to sign up for our virtual assembly show, just fill out our contact form for more information on pricing, available dates and times.