Get 75% Off Your Scheer Genius Assembly Show

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Get 75% off for the 2022-2023 school year for Michigan Elementary schools and non-profits. Get Scheer Genius Assembly Shows at incredible prices.

This means elementary schools wishing to bring in one of Doug Scheer’s 12 assembly shows can save like this:

Full PriceGrant RebateFinal Price
One show $695 includes Doug’s one-man programs$521.25$173.75
One show $795 includes Doug’s two-person programs$588.75$206.25

(Because one of the team members of Scheer Genius Assembly Shows has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, these shows qualify at the higher 75% award.)

This now means you can fill your entire year with assembly shows at these remarkable prices:

Get 1 show this school year $173.75 or $206.25

Get 2 shows this school year $374.50 or $412.50

Get 3 shows this school year $521.25 or $618.75

These prices indicate awards of the full 75% grant amount.

(Please note payments in full to Doug Scheer must be made on the days of the performances and the grant awards will come to you as a rebate once the final paperwork if submitted.)

When the money is gone, it’s gone for a few months.

When the grant funds are exhausted the application window will be closed until spring 2023 when another round of funding is available, This means you need to submit your application November 15th starting at 12:01am. (This info and deadlines will be adjusted yearly so contact me if updates are needed).

Of course others will be vying for the same funds so this is a first-come-first served operation.

I am here to help.

I’ve created a grant application help-guide that I’ll be happy to email to you. Just request that pdf guide when filling out the CONTACT ME form on my website:

Start here to apply.

Start here to apply for the elementary school assembly show awards. The Michigan Humanities Council’s website is updated regularly to help guide you through the process:

The time to start is now!

I need to provide you with an invoice and we need to schedule the show(s) you’d like to see in your elementary school, so contact me as soon as you can. I will also provide you with documents that you’ll need such as proof of my residency and the agreement. Email me today at or call me at (248) 891-1900 and I can help you get the ball rolling.