“There is a small group of assembly shows that stands out from all the rest. This is one of those shows.”

-Teacher Isbister Elementary, Plymouth

“Excellent show. Doug Scheer is a remarkable entertainer.”

-Principal, Keewahdin Elem., Fort Gratiot

“We love these shows. All our teachers say they are excellent.”

-Teacher Glengary Elem., Walled Lake

“As a new Principal, I had to rely on my colleagues for guidance in finding good assembly shows. Doug Scheer’s name was mentioned more than anyone else–and now I know why.”

-Principal Eriksson Elementary, Canton

“If I sat down with a team of top teachers and principals, we could never come up with a character show as good as this…flawless.”  

-Principal Greenfield Elem., Birmingham

“This was incredible. I think this could very well be your best show and that says a lot because the other shows we’ve had were great too. I don’t know how you do it.”

-Tina Wyfells, PTA, Browning Elementary, Utica MI

“Doug is the best assembly performer in the state–maybe the entire country.”

-Principal Erie Elementary, Macomb

“Everybody always loves Doug’s shows. The teachers as well as the students always learn so much and have a great time too.”

-Principal Pinewood Elementary, Warren

“You and your wife were awesome!! You bring such a warmth to the whole audience (of course tons of laughs too and a great message)… The kids absolutely loved it!”

-Counselor Avalon Elem., St. Clair Shores

“It doesn’t matter what show Doug does. He is excellent every time.”

-Teacher Oakley Park Elem., Walled Lake

“Doug Scheer is the best at his game…thoroughly enjoyable.”

-Reporter, Detroit News

“Outstanding. One of the best assemblies that I have ever seen.”

-Principal Highland Elementary, Highland

“I just had three teachers tell me that I should schedule Doug’s shows every year.”

-Principal Grandview Elem., Clarenceville

“Doug Scheer is the best presenter we have ever seen. He cares enough to provide extensive props and costuming, has great crowd control and excellent content.”

-Principal Wattles Elementary, Troy

“The raves are still pouring in. Doug Scheer is fantastic.”

-Assistant Principal William Ford Elementary

“Doug has taken the typical assembly show and elevated it to near broadway standards.”

-Reporter, KIDabra Journal

“Doug Scheer is great! The kids love him and so do the teachers. He does a great job of motivating our students to learn.”

-Tim Chesaning, Big Rock Elementary

“Doug had one of our teachers crying from laughing so hard. Everyone loved this show.”

-Principal Foote Elementary, Lincoln Park

“We love these shows. All our teachers say they are excellent.”

– TeacherHolland Elementary, Taylor

“Doug Scheer is great! The kids love him and so do the teachers. He does a great job of motivating our students to learn.”

-Tim ChesaningBig Rock Elementary

“I’ll bring Doug back again… We’ve already had him eight times.”

-Principal Lafayette Elem., Lincoln Park

“Awesome, awesome, awesome.”

-Principal Glengary Elem., Walled Lake

“A Doug Scheer show is a guaranteed success in your school! As an elementary principal, I am always looking for good-quality shows for my students. Unfortunately you never know what you’re going to get until it’s too late, after the show! Doug and his shows are a sure bet! The kids will love him for the exciting, hilarious entertainment! The teachers will love him for his funny and positive interactions with students!  You will love him for his great message to students and his professionalism! We invite Doug each year for a different show (they are all good!) and each year the students are more and more amazed!”

-Sam Argiri, Principal, Emerson Elementary School, Fraser, Michigan

“Doug Scheer and his Assembly Shows are the most amazing and entertaining shows that have a powerful impact for the audience!  Kids and adults are riveted by his magic tricks and messages.  These assemblies are packed with messages on  how to treat others with respect, love, kindness, forgiveness and so much more!  I have seen Scheer Genius at my kids schools as well as at our church –  these shows are filled with  fantastic messages, great belly laughs and energizing fun for all ages!”

-Tracy Hjorth, Director of Children’s Ministries OGCC and PTA Oakley Park Elementary, Walled Lake, Michigan

“Full Disclosure: In 2008 I received a phone call from some guy who was hiring a new assistant for his school shows. As an actress, I thought it would be a good idea to observe his work before I committed. After seeing several of his different shows, I decided I didn’t want to work for him… I wanted to be a member of the audience every time because it was so thoroughly FUN & ‘off the chart’ enjoyable to watch! Nobody does a better job of combining educational curriculum, entertainment, and laugh-out-loud delight than Doug Scheer.

He was very persuasive and now my vantage point is from the stage where I experience firsthand the peels of children’s laughter, genuine glee, and lit up eyes and approval from the teachers. I’ve decided to work for him for the rest of my life, or as long as I still can get squished into one of his magic boxes. It may appear that 5 stars is biased coming from me, but no one else has seen more shows!”

-Lise Lacasse, Lovely Assistant and Chief Minion

“Doug Scheer is not only talented, but extremely professional!  We have had him present at our school for the past several years… sometimes a couple of times a year!  Every single show has been entertaining, informative, interactive, appropriate, and engaging.  Students absolutely LOVE Doug’s characters and their antics as they learn everything from reading, writing, & ‘rithmetic, to being a good friend and showing good character traits.  Teachers love his approach to engaging the kids and reinforcing all of the lessons/skills/behaviors that we work on throughout the school year.  Doug Scheer is truly the BEST out there, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”

-Julie Brill, Teacher, Meadowlawn Elementary, Kentwood, Michigan

“I have used Doug Scheer Assembly shows for the past 29 years.  Never missed a year.  In my 40 years in education Scheer Assemblies are by far the the best.  I would not think of using anyone else.  His shows are fantastic and very professional.  The students just love all of his shows.”

-Edward Skowneski, Retired Principal, Mark Twain Elementary, Fraser, Michigan

“Doug is FANTASTIC! He has great information that he shares in a delightful, funny manner. I saw him at our local library a few years ago and wanted to bring him in to our elementary school for Science Month. He did his Wacky Science Show. HUGE SUCCESS! The kids and teachers loved him! I have never heard such laughter and we all learned that science can be fun!”

-Beth Farrell, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Heritage Elementary, Saline, Michigan

“I have seen Doug Scheer perform many times and he never disappoints.  Doug Scheer is a true genius!  His shows are amazing and captivating.  Everyone in the audience (children and adults) are at the edge of their seats, waiting to see what he will do next.  Doug Scheer is not only a wonderful entertainer but each performance teaches a very valuable lesson.  I would love to have Doug Scheer perform at my school every year!”

-Casey Miller, Teacher, Dutton Elementary, Caledonia, Michigan

“You will not be disappointed with a Doug Scheer Assembly or show!  I am currently the principal of an elementary school and over the past several years we’ve had Doug visit our school several times and we keep bringing him back because everyone loves his wit, sense of humor, friendly demeanor, and the variety of content in each of his shows.  I can’t think of a better presenter to bring in for a day or evening of learning fun and excitement.”

-Steve Massengill, Principal, Foote Elementary, Allen Park, Michigan

“My school has had Doug Scheer as a regular for years.  The staff and kids love to watch him perform and the messages from his various programs are tailored for maximum enjoyment and impact.  I would recommend him to anyone interested in a program that is engaging and fun for all.”

-Michel McGonegal, Principal, Eby Elementary, Napoleon, Michigan

“Doug Scheer  is our favorite performer, year after year.  His energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  We love his different shows and themes  along with his genuine effort to connect with the kids.  Troy schools are his number one fan!”

-Joan Gabriel, Media Specialist, Wattles Elementary, Troy, Michigan

“I have know Doug Scheer for close to 10 years and have seen nearly as many of his shows.  All performances were of the highest quality and offered exceptional educational value.  The messages are clear and transformative, the magic is intriguing,  and the humor captures audiences of all levels.  Audience engagement (students, staff, and parents) is unparalleled.”

– Mark Bea, Principal, Kentwood Schools, Kentwood, Michigan

“Doug Scheer has given thousands of Southgate students the joy of assembly shows over the last 10 years.  He constantly refines his assembly shows to be engaging, thought provoking, and relevant.  The students always ask, ‘When is that assembly guy coming back?’  Staff are equally enthusiastic about his return.  He could rename his act as ‘Scheer Enjoyment’!”

-Robert Wolsek, Principal, Grogan Elementary, Southgate

“Doug Scheer was wonderful!  Very energetic and kept the program interesting for our 2-6th graders. He was funny, but the science lessons came through.”

-Cynthia Mazelin, Enrichment Coordinator, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Carmel, Indiana

“There really needs to be more stars!  Scheer Genius is genius!  I love watching the students laugh while seeing the adults in the room laughing too.  Many shows to choose from and have even watched the same one twice and still cracked up!  In my opinion, it is well worth every cent it cost.  Doug is amazing to work with, understanding and accommodating!”

-Maria Zorn, Fifth Grade Teacher, Raupp Elementary, Lincoln Park, MI

“Parents, grandparents, teachers, and kiddos alike love assemblies by Doug Scheer.  Mr. Scheer has an incredibly fun and interactive way to blend learning with magic.  Kids are always astonished by his illusions and clamor for more.  Teachers love the way he uses science interwoven with magic to get the kids excited about learning more.  His Magic Bookshelf show will have everyone lining up to get their library card.  Can’t say enough about how entertaining his shows are.”

-Nannette Kuhn, State and Federal Programs, Taylor Schools, MI

5-star Facebook review

“I’ve seen just about all of their shows and they are always insightful, silly, engaging, educational and down right fun!! Spike is a favorite character/helper/assistant that is consistently entertaining as well as great with the kids. Bring them to your school, church, community event, wherever and they are sure to delight kids and adults as well.”

-Tina Gloss Finnell,  Acting coach and director, Royal Oak, Michigan

5-star Facebook review

“Awesome! We had the opportunity to participate at Day Out with Thomas and we both have great memories from both times we have gone. My son loves Magic because of how well he feels he is doing on stage with Doug!”

-Jolene Willis, Parent, Crossroads Village, Michigan

5-star Facebook review

“Our school district has booked Doug Scheer many times and have seen most of his shows in our elementary schools over the last several years. He is thoughtful in his presentations- from the jokes for the kids (and teachers), the music choices that add to the program’s excitement, and his hilarious interaction with the audience. Doug’s shows are appropriate for all elementary grade levels. They are engaging, educational, and so much fun! Doug, himself, is a joy to work with when you are looking to book and bring in a show. He is flexible, dependable, and just a great guy. Any assembly that Doug Scheer delivers to your school will be top-quality, highly-interactive, and an experience that students will remember long after their time in elementary school is done!”

-Tessa Greathouse Sheldon, Teacher, St Joseph Schools, St Joseph, Michigan

“From the moment Doug Scheer’s show begins to his concluding words, his positive presence, joyful demeanor and playful humor is engaging to ALL audience members (from the students to the adults).  He truly makes learning about perseverance and believing in yourself a worthwhile experience.  Doug is FANTASTIC and strives to provide teachable moments through his OUTSTANDING shows.  You can not go wrong with this show–as we have had Doug continually come back for our elementary classes.  We would HIGHLY recommend it! “

-Mishella Trzasko and Tracy Taggart, Teaching Partners, Cheyenne Elementary, Macomb, MI

“We love having Scheer Genius visit our school and will continue to invite them back! Each year we look forward to the energy, laughter, and of course, the positive messages that are shared with our students.”

-Stacie Battaglia, Principal, South Meadows Elementary, Chelsea, Michigan

“Doug gets the children engaged!  They’re learning, laughing, and having fun in every show!  He’s done more than 10 shows at our school, and the kids keep asking when he’ll be back to do another one!”

-Chris Turner, Principal, Independence Elementary, Clarkson, Michigan

“Doug’s assembly shows are by far the most popular assemblies I schedule each year.  My younger students always ask when that funny magician guy is coming back, and my older students know Doug Scheer by name.  Miami Elementary School always looks forward to an assembly from Scheer Genius Productions!”

-Craig Bulgrin, Principal, Macomb Twp, Michigan

“Our school has been having Doug Scheer assemblies for many years now.  He mixes fun and learning at the same time.  Our students love it!  Doug is pure genius and entertainment!”

-Tim Barlage, Principal, Huntington Elementary, Southgate, Michigan

“We LOVE the Diversity Circus assembly at our school.  We have an early childhood population (ages 4-6) and the program is always adjusted very nicely to meet the needs of our audience!  I highly recommend Doug Scheer for K-6th elementary school assemblies!”

-Susan Ford, Principal, Lathers Elementary, Garden City, Michigan

“We had Doug visit our elementary schools to give his Wacky Science show this week. The assembly was fantastic, and our kids were so engaged. Teachers were laughing as hard as the students, and were thoroughly pleased with the information that was presented in such a fun way. We plan to have Doug come back each year to and rotate through his shows. I would recommend him to any school or group!”

-Heather Reust, Teacher Liaison, Kalkaska Schools, Michigan

“Very engaging performances for students and teachers. Even the principal liked it.”

-Dr. Adnan Moughni, Principal, Henry Ford elementary, Dearborn, Michigan

“Doug Scheer is our school’s favorite assembly guy; we’ve had him and his shows at Longacre Elementary for over 15 years!  Not only do our students have a good time during his shows, our staff really enjoys themselves as well. Doug is super entertaining, very funny and delivers a professional, polished performance.  He is a Scheer genius!”

-Tracy Goodlesky, Teacher, Longacre Elementary, Farmington Hills, Michigan

“Our students say you are absolutely nuts! The teachers think you are brilliant.”

-Scott Scharf, Former Principal, Shoreland Elementary, Toledo, OH

“You are an excellent entertainer and an even better teacher. This show is unsurpassed in educational value and fun.”

-Principal, Valley View Elementary, Rockford

“This show has gotten our kids extremely excited about our science fair. They all want to be just like you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

-Principal, Pleasantview Elementary, Eastpointe, MI

“Again, Wacky Science scored a perfect ten with us.”

-Principal, Switzer Elementary, Shelby Twp, MI

“This is the only elementary assembly program to ever receive our Dow Chemical ‘touch-tech’ award for excellence in hands-on science education.”

-Matthews Davis, Dow Chemical Corp. Houston, TX

“Your ability to keep the excitement and audience participation at such a high level proves you are an exceptional showman. It is always a pleasure to have a performer that really clicks with the audience the way you have done. Your audience control was excellent. So good that I feel like I owe you a tip. You’re our favorite assembly presenter.”

-Judy Garrett, Former Principal, Wattles Elementary, Troy, MI

“Everything that I have heard from our teachers has been nothing short of raving.”

-Principal, Holland Elementary, Taylor, MI

“Your showmanship, your sense of timing, and your use of humor were marvelous. You managed to keep children and adults in the audience focused and entertained. Thanks so much for getting our Summer Reading Club to such a pleasurable start.”

-Mary Riskind, Youth Services Coordinator, Montclair Public Library, Montclair, New Jersey

“… great lessons with a touch of theatrics and lots of comedy.”

-Roseville & Eastpoint Eastsider Newspaper

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