Do you want less trouble in your elementary school?

Then you want the Les Trouble conflict resolution assembly show in your elementary school!

(Pretty clever, isn’t it?)

“The Adventures of Les Trouble, P.I. (Problem Investigator)” conflict resolution school show is a 45 minute elementary assembly program that teaches students how they can solve problems on their own by using a simple, four step process. It’s a great PBIS show for Ribbon Week or anytime of the year.

This is not your average Anti-Bully school show.

We teach kids how to handle problems on their own first.

Maybe you don’t have a big problem with bullies, but you do have problems with kids getting along. Let us give your students the skills they need to handle problems on their own.

Safety, Responsibility and Respect: These skills are a part of everything your students do – in school and out! But do your students know how to use these positive behavior traits when they are angry? Detective Les Trouble, Problem Investigator and his troublemaking side kick, Spike, show students how leaders solve problems. When you need to support your school’s PBIS goals, this conflict resolution school show is an exciting, perfect fit.

Leaders know how to solve problems and handle bullies. Let us show your K-6 Students how to do it

We can solve your scheduling problems too. Let’s talk about dates that work best. We travel throughout Michigan regularly but are available in surrounding states as well. Fill out our information form or call today and let’s coordinate schedules. Doug Scheer, (248) 891-1900.

“All schools need more programs like this; ones that give students the skills they need to manage interactions and relationships with their peers. These skills support a student’s success in school, the workforce and throughout their life.”

– Sandra Feldman, Former president, American Federation of Teachers

Teachers laugh and learn as much as the students.

Les Trouble School Show

Your teachers will thank you for bringing this assembly program into your school while praising the brilliance of the messages. Students and teachers laugh along with the troublemaking but lovable character, Spike, who thinks she knows how to solve problems. She’s convinced yelling and name-calling is the easiest way to get what she wants, but everyone knows that Spike isn’t being Safe, Respectful, or Responsible when she acts that way. With the guidance of Detective Les Trouble, PI students discover they can help Spike learn that getting along takes Cooperation, I Messages, and Respect.

This Conflict Resolution assembly show gives students the skills they need to solve their own problems:

Les Trouble School Show_The Lessons
  1. Getting the facts
    Picking a time to talk, Understanding others, Listening skills
  2. Telling how you feel
    Walking away, calming down, understanding it’s okay to be mad, expressing feelings with “I messages”
  3. Brainstorming
    Thinking of all solutions
  4. Negotiation
    Practicing compromise and understanding win/win goals

Kids learn problem-solving skills best when they are participating and having fun.

Les Trouble School Show volunteers

Role-playing, volunteer participation, lots of situational humor, and incredible illusions illustrate and help students fully understand all the lessons. It’s a spectacular school show that demonstrates important skills and is presented in a way that keeps student on the edge of their seats and itching to get involved. All of the messages are easy to master with the action being fast-paced, amazing, and exciting.

“There’s a small group of assembly shows that stand out from all the rest. Les Trouble, PI is on the top of that list! Doug Scheer’s skills in writing this show reflect not only his deep understanding of the material, but also demonstrate his incredible skills as a talented teacher. There’s brilliance in the show’s messages and the added spectacle makes the lessons unforgettable. We’ve had this show three times over the years and I know we will have it again.”

– Lee Harrison, Retired Principal, Isbister Elem., Plymouth, MI

Tell me what’s best for you and we will make it great.

This conflict resolution character show can be presented one time, as a whole school assembly, or split into upper and lower grades to make the lessons easier to grasp. Your teachers will love this show so much they’ll want us to return-and we can! Just check out our followup bully-proofing show, The Mystery of the Character Surprise. It features the same great characters but the message is on bully-proofing. Interested in that too? Ask about our money-saving offer for this two-show package. Call me, Doug Scheer, today at (248) 891-1900 or just fill out the contact form and I’ll rush my pricing and availability to you immediately.

Is your school following The Leader in Me® program?

Let us know and we can support you that way too. I can incorporate the 7 Habits of Happy Kids® throughout this program if you ask. With the popularity of The Leader in Me® program growing every year, we’ve become extremely familiar with the habits so let us show you how leaders solve problems with the 7 Habits and our 4 proven steps.*

Now is the best time to schedule this show

Les struggle assembly

When you invite Spike and Les Trouble, PI to your school we will guarantee a great assembly show with dynamic lessons that last! Teachers and students will thank you for scheduling this show for weeks to come. Plus you’ll be reinforcing your Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) goals at the same time. How awesome is that?

Let’s pick the best date that works for your schedule. Red Ribbon week in Michigan fills up first so call today or click the button below for instant pricing information. Doug Scheer (248) 891-1900

*The Les Trouble, PI show is not associated with, nor is endorsed by, The Leader in Me® program. However many schools use The Les Trouble, PI show in conjunction with their efforts of teaching The 7 Habits of Happy Kids®.