The Laugh Factory

Celebrate with Gut-Busting Fun!

From television appearances in Toronto to stages in Las Vegas, Doug Scheer has honed these hysterical routines in more than 9,000 performances across North America. Forty minutes of wacky jokes, off-the-wall games, insane contests - and even a few magical surprises - lead a laugh riot like you've never seen. This family funfest guarantees a great time at reward assemblies, parent nights and school picnics. And be sure to ask about "Laugh Factory Fundraising Events" that can more than pay for this hilarious show!



• Giant Underpants,

• Exploding Pop Cans

• & Stinky Tennis Shoes

are all part of the most outrageously fun family show you'll ever see!


Doug Scheer does a phenomenal show. He could hold the attention of anyone - day or night.”
Principal Federal Elementary, Taylor

First class the entire way.”
P.T.A. Challenger Elementary, Howell

We love these shows. All our teachers say they are excellent.”

Teacher Glengary Elem., Walled Lake

One of the teachers said that you've finally made the Constitution and Bill of Rights clear enough for her to understand. I have to agree. You did the same for me.”
Principal Oakley Park Elem., Walled Lake

Everybody always loves Doug's shows. The teachers as well as the students always learn so much and have a great time too.”
Principal Pinewood Elementary, Warren

The information in this show students can really relate to. It's current and engaging. If I could hire Doug for every assembly we had, I would.”
P.T.A. Federal Elementary, Taylor

This was incredible. I think this could very well be your best show and that says a lot because the other shows we've had were great too. I don't know how you do it.”
Principal Browning Elementary, Utica

I just had three teachers tell me that I should schedule Doug's shows every year.”
Principal Grandview Elem., Clarenceville

Doug Scheer is the best presenter we have ever seen. He cares enough to provide extensive props and costuming, has great crowd control and excellent content.”
Principal Wattles Elementary, Troy

As a new Principal, I had to rely on my colleagues for guidance in finding good assembly shows. Doug Scheer's name was mentioned more than anyone else--and now I know why.”
Principal Eriksson Elementary, Canton

If I sat down with a team of top teachers and principals, we could never come up with a character show as good as this…flawless.”
Principal Greenfield Elem., Birmingham

Awesome, awesome, awesome.”
Principal Glengary Elem., Walled Lake

We love these shows. All our teachers say they are excellent.”
Teacher Holland Elementary, Taylor

Doug is the best assembly performer in the state--maybe the entire country.”
Principal Erie Elementary, Macomb

There is a small group of assembly shows that stands out from all the rest. This is one of those shows.”
Teacher Isbister Elementary, Plymouth

Doug Scheer is the best at his game…thoroughly enjoyable.”

Reporter, Detroit News

Doug has taken the typical assembly show and elevated it to near broadway standards.”

Reporter, KIDabra Journal

Doug had one of our teachers crying from laughing so hard. Everyone loved this show.”
Principal Foote Elementary, Lincoln Park

I'll bring Doug back again... We've already had him eight times.”
Principal Lafayette Elem., Lincoln Park

You and your wife were awesome!! You bring such a warmth to the whole audience (of course tons of laughs too and a great message)... The kids absolutely loved it!”
Counselor Avalon Elem., St. Clair Shores

It doesn't matter what show Doug does. He is excellent every time.”
Teacher Oakley Park Elem., Walled Lake

We've had a lot of wonderful assembly programs. Doug Scheer ranks the best of the best.”
Principal Haigh Elementary, Dearborn

Outstanding. One of the best assemblies that I have ever seen.”
Principal Highland Elementary, Highland

Excellent show. Doug Scheer is a remarkable entertainer.”
Principal, Keewahdin Elem., Fort Gratiot

Doug Scheer is great! The kids love him and so do the teachers. He does a great job of motivating our students to learn.”
Tim Chesaning Big Rock Elementary

The raves are still pouring in. Doug Scheer is fantastic.”
Assistant Principal William Ford Elementary

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